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software and license (Ed W)
Hello Ed W et. al,

I remember about the software listings and license issues
you have discussed recently on this list. I was looking at
an Archos 101 tablet

And started looking at the Angstrom Linux distro (which is a package
manger? ) on top of OE. The Angstrom distribution page:

Has a button called the "Online builder". <select that option>

Down the page, select "Advanced" and out puts a menu of choices.

One is called the "software manifest":

"yes will generate a software manifest with e.g. versions and licenses
of the installed packages"

That's all I know, but it looks cool and exactly what you were looking for?

Whoever is working on the bug you filed to add some sort of software
listing and corresponding licenses to embedded Gentoo, should take a
look at this page, imho.