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More breakage, more cutting edge packages and patches wanted...
Hardened and uclibc seem to be lagging a little these days. I can see
the argument for keeping quality high in the hardened builds (since
users probably have a bunch of live servers like me!), however, I wonder
if there isn't a case to go a bit more cutting with uclibc?

Is it fair to assume that uclibc is largely for less frequently updated
systems, usually with an upstream developer testing builds before
release? Would it be sensible to push forward and tolerate the
possibility of more "bugs" as a result?

It seems to me that this might flush out more contributors and patches
than the current situation? For example I'm now sitting on a bunch of
customised builds to build a small uclibc system and no doubt there are
plenty of others doubling up on that effort?

Perhaps I'm missing an overlay which is easy to push changes to and
folks here are regularly committing to...? If not do we need one?

Ed W