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Presenting Repodoc. QA checker for Gentoo Docs.
Hi guys:

Like some of you already know, I'm (sometimes) working on a tool to make
some sanity checks to our docs before committing them.

I wrote a little (and dirty) prototype which was tested by some gdp
members and other people working on Gentoo docs. It was version
0.1_alpha. Now, and mostly thanks to ferdy's help coding bash, is a
pleasure announce that, a new and very improved version is ready: 0.1_beta

General Info about repodoc, what exactly is, features, installation and
usage can be found at:

Info about changes from 0.1_alpha to 0.1_beta:

Ebuild is ready at:

Bugs, flames, feedback or ideas are always welcome.

P.D: If you are Google and want to buy another nice beta version
application, I'm sure we can talk about the prize ;)

P.D2: No, it won't cut any of your fingers (yet).

José Luis Rivero <>
Gentoo Doc / Gentoo Doc-es / Gentoo-alpha

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Re: Important changes on Repodoc [ In reply to ]
Hi folks!

First of all, I'd like to say: no, I'm not going to spam the list with
every repodoc version, but I'll drop a little mail when important
features or changes happen.

Second, is a pleasure to announce that another beta version (yes repodoc
is still a baby) has been released: 0.1_beta2. The info[1] about the
tool is in the same place and the changes done from the previous release
are available in the on-line ChangeLog[2].

The important things I want to point with respect to this version are:

- repodoc now is managed via overlay. This means, people who set up
repodoc on a local overlay (as suggested), please remove it and follow
the new instructions about installation (nothing very difficult and far
more comfortable to manage).

- repodoc now has a live ebuild (version 9999) thanks to git eclass. The
ebuild is *only* for development purposes and repodoc installed from it
could be broken. Note that may be you need to adjust your
portage.keywords to avoid this ebuild. (<app-doc/repodoc-9999 ~x86)

- trans module has change its output. Please check and send feedback,
spanish cookies are waiting for you.

Finally I want to thanks ferdy and frangor (repodoc co-maintainers) who
were the real development engine this time, guys you rock.

As usual, bugs, flames, feedback or ideas are always welcome.

P.D: No, the cut-fingers feature hasn't been released (yet).

José Luis Rivero <>
Gentoo Doc / Gentoo Doc-es / Gentoo-alpha

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