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CVS access, last rite
Okay folks

The GDP recruitment policy (with quiz and all) has been in effect for some
time now and I think it is going very well. The latest GDP additions know
the GDP policy and rules better than some old-time devs.

So the next thing is to require all developers who have read/write access to
the documentation to fill in the quiz (and fix the fix-me). I'll put up a
list of those developers when I'm back in my "office" (read: room) where I
have a list of all CVS access accounts :p

Quizzes and fix-me should be sent to and
I will send in mine to Xavier (wouldn't be fair to fix my own would it :)

I guess a deadline should be offered as well. Mid-september? Sept 16th to be

Of course, this goes without saying, those who have already "done" the
quiz/fix-me don't have to redo it :p

Sven Vermeulen

Documentation project leader - Gentoo Foundation Trustee

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