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Hi all

The WinNT issues are resolved:
- PartImage is now part of the backup process
- Dedicated PartImage server installed with backup to CD-RW
- ZIP100 Powerconnecter solded
- Citrix client configured
- Exchange settings found after struggling with lmhosts

Anyway, glad that this is (hopefully) all over (not 100% confident
everything works but only time will tell).

So back to Gentoo and thesis. I've already fixed some bugs again to keep our
bugcount low (9). The roadmap
is updated; please, people, try fixing those bugs. If you think you know
someone who can, Cc him/her.

I'm going to focus on grsec2 for the time being after which I'll start
developing on the Gentoo Handbook (I have a ~ 30 chapter plan in my head :)

But the most important thing are the translations. Please, translation
teams, keep your documentation up-to-date. I'm probably going to do some
random checks to pinpoint documents you might have missed but don't relie on
me to do this for your language :)

Sven Vermeulen

^__^ And Larry saw that it was Good.
(oo) Sven Vermeulen
(__) Documentation & PR