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[PATCH 09/16] ebuild-maintenance: rewrite the subsection on commit policy for git #558642
Remove the mention of updating the ChangeLog.
Remove the mention of file conflicts during commit as CVS keeps track of
files whereas git keeps track of changesets.

Add a note regarding commit atomicity: Git commits are always atomic, so
combining package.mask/license changes with ebuild changes in the same
commit does not violate atomicity. However, there is no way to accomplish
this using repoman commit.

Signed-off-by: Gokturk Yuksek <>

diff --git a/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml b/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml
index 10709ea..2d46749 100644
--- a/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml
+++ b/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ work on those architectures.

-<title>CVS Commit Policy</title>
+<title>Git Commit Policy</title>

@@ -105,15 +105,18 @@ work on those architectures.
<li>Always test that <path>package.mask</path> is okay by doing
<c>emerge --pretend mypkg</c> before you commit and check
that it doesn't contain any conflicts.</li>
-<li>Always update the <path>ChangeLog</path> before you commit.</li>
-<li>Always commit the updated <path>package.mask</path> before
-the updated package, in case conflicts occur while you commit
+<li>Always commit the updated <path>package.mask</path> before
+the updated package.</li>
<li>Always do atomic commits; if you commit a package with a new license,
or that is masked, then first commit the revised <path>package.mask</path> and/or license,
then commit the ebuild, <path>ChangeLog</path>, patches
and <uri link="::ebuild-writing/misc-files/metadata">metadata.xml</uri> all in <b>one</b> go
-to avoid breaking users' installations.</li>
+<note> Although the set of changes in a single git commit is atomic, and
+combining <path>package.mask</path>/license changes with ebuild changes in a
+single commit wouldn't break atomicity, it is not currently possible to do so
+using <c>repoman commit</c>.</note>
+<!-- See: -->