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[PATCH 08/16] ebuild-maintenance: rewrite the text on adding binary files to the tree #558642
Remove the paragraph about adding binary files to CVS.
Replace the instances of CVS with git.

Signed-off-by: Gokturk Yuksek <>

diff --git a/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml b/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml
index ac68dcd..10709ea 100644
--- a/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml
+++ b/ebuild-maintenance/text.xml
@@ -42,22 +42,9 @@ above 20KB) which should be distributed as tarballs via the
<uri link="::general-concepts/mirrors/#suitable-download-hosts">Gentoo mirror system</uri>
so that people do not waste excessive amounts of bandwidth and hard drive
space. Also, you should not add binary (non-ASCII) files to the
-Portage CVS tree. If you need to do this in another CVS tree, for
-example, if you need to add a small PNG graphic for whatever reason,
-be sure to add it to CVS by using the <c>-kb</c> option, like so:
-<pre caption="Adding binary files to CVS">
-# <i>cvs add -kb myphoto.png</i>
-The <c>-kb</c> option tells CVS that <path>myphoto.png</path> is a binary
-file and should be treated specially. For example, merging the
-differences between two different versions of this file should not be
-allowed to happen, for obvious reasons. Also, speaking of merging
+git tree. Also, speaking of merging
changes, any patches you add to Portage should generally <e>not</e> be
-compressed. This will allow CVS to merge changes and correctly inform
+compressed. This will allow git to merge changes and correctly inform
developers of conflicts.

@@ -149,7 +136,7 @@ simply, <path>1.0-gentoo.diff</path>. Also note that the
<path>gentoo</path> extension informs people that this patch was created
by us, the Gentoo Linux developers, rather than having been grabbed from a
mailing list or somewhere else. Again, you should not compress these
-patches because CVS does not play well with binary files.
+patches because git does not play well with binary files.