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[PATCH 06/16] ebuild-writing/user-submitted: do not put user information in ChangeLog #558642
ChangeLog files are auto-generated by infra post git-migration.
For user-submitted ebuilds, include the user information in the commit
message instead. Mention that user submitted git patches and pull
requests preserve the authorship information by default.

Signed-off-by: Gokturk Yuksek <>

diff --git a/ebuild-writing/user-submitted/text.xml b/ebuild-writing/user-submitted/text.xml
index ef80c0d..22f8fa8 100644
--- a/ebuild-writing/user-submitted/text.xml
+++ b/ebuild-writing/user-submitted/text.xml
@@ -21,9 +21,11 @@ The user-submitted ebuild must not contain custom headers like this:

-Such information should be added to the <c>ChangeLog</c> instead.
-The first <c>ChangeLog</c> entry should always credit the user who
-submitted the ebuild, with their full name and e-mail address.
+Such information should be included in the git commit message instead.
+Note that ebuilds received in the form of git patches or pull requests
+will have the user as the commit author by default, in which case
+including the user information in the commit message explicitly
+may not be necessary.