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Objet: Re: [gentoo-doc] ARM manuals


On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 11:34 AM, wireless < > wrote:

On 03/01/12 01:44, Sven Vermeulen wrote:

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 8:35 PM, wireless< wireless@tampabay.rr. com > wrote:

A while back there was talk of Gentoo and Ubuntu exploring
some deeper form of cooperation; a merger of sorts. Surely
an interesting idea.

I wasn't aware of that. Do you have some info on this?

The apr 1 info, may be the key parameter. I remember reading snippets
in several locations.... but nothing to recall now. I did not
really focus on the issue at the time, so it is completely
possible it was but a lark, I did not discern.....

Still, an interesting idea, some would think. I have taken
the path of setting up raid under Ubuntu, as suggested to me
by a few old gentoers. While visiting the Ubuntu offerings,
it surprises me to see so many (gentoo) familiar folks bouncing
around and using Ubuntu, for a wide variety of purposes.
Quite a lively and social bunch over there at Ubuntu, many
old friends.....

Curiously, Ubuntu seems to be able to
publish documents, very easily.

Publication isn't an issue. We also have where
you can quickly set up and publish documents.
Yes you are correct. Also, I did find the Ubuntu installation media
(alternate.iso) for explicitly setting up RAID, as part of the
native Ubuntu installation docs and media.

Furthermore, Ubuntu on arm boards; documents intended for the rank and file users; very cool indeed.

I'm still looking for equivalents in Gentoo; maybe after grub-2
is stable on gentoo, we can get a singular document and matching installation media for installing RAID from scratch.....

Also note,native ARM support for netbooks, laptop and lite-workstations
is coming to many linux distros. I just hope Gentoo leads
rather than follows in that regard. Surely the talent
is in the dev_pool to make it work, it's the documentation
that is the real challenge, imho.