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Interested in working on the project " Web Interface for submitting documentation changes" as part of GSOC
Hello ,

My name is Anurup Raveendran. I am a student of Model Engineering
College,Cochin. My major is in Computer Science & Engineering. This is
my first time applying for GSOC. But I have I have been working on
open-source projects for quite some time. Most of them were web-based
projects mostly in php (back-end) and javascript/html/css ( front-end)
. I talked to a few developers on the #gentoo-doc IRC channel and I
haven't received any positive response on this project. As far as I
know , documentation is a really tedious process and although it
sounds like this project would make things easier for gdp , I don't
know if this project is that important to the gdp . But I am
definitely interested in working on this project and would like to
know if it would be a GSOC project. . It would be great if anyone from
gdp would shed some light on the documentation process and on this


Anurup Raveendran
Computer Science & Engineering(2007-2011)
Model Engineering College, Cochin
Mobile: +919895301078
Landline : 0496-2503009
E-mail id :