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New version format
I made a few changes to our Tips'n'Tricks guide:


New format for the <version> string. No more decimal numbers from
now on. Just whole numbers. Only <version>3</version>,
<version>11</version>, <version>101</version>, etc.


This is something we started doing back in 2007 or so. I've been
working on getting this standardized. Whole numbers really are much
simpler. The "point-whatever" is entirely meaningless, since we don't
have archived, versioned documentation. It has no relation to the
actual content of the document.


For all new documents from this point forward. For old documents not
yet using the new format, *the next time* you make a change to it,
bump the version upward to the nearest whole number:

9.7 -> 10
4.13 -> 5
0.65 -> 1
1.24 -> 2

. . . and so on. Include the new <version> with the rest of your
content commit.

* * * Exception * * *

DON'T apply the new version format to metadoc.xml. I want to keep
metadoc's decimal number for now. It's more useful as an indicator
of how frequently the file is changed. (I realize that its version
string doesn't match CVS history. CVS says 234 revisions,
internal <version> says 1.156 - no idea why the huge disparity.)

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Joshua Saddler wrote, on 12/06/2010 12:44 PM:

Thanks for your work!