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> Dear Gentoo Team and Recruiters!

Hi Daniel and thanks for your interest.

> I willing to help the Gentoo Team and if it's possible, I'd love to become a member too.
> First, I'm willing to create hungarian translations, documentation and anything related if interested.
> I'm also interested in becoming package maintainer.

Let me start by presenting my apologies for not having replied earlier
to your mail. This is my second "recruiter" mail, so please forgive me
if anything is not clear or doesn't address your request.

You do not need to be a developer to help. Two good ways to start
are proposing solutions for bugs [1] and contributing to an overlay
[2] like Sunrise for example [3]. There is more information on how to
get involved with overlay development at [4]. You may also want to
have a look at the staffing needs page [5].

If you have written ebuilds, feel free to submit them to bugzilla
[1] or sunrise [3]. This way we can all see them and help you make
them better. Also, you never know, some developer may like what you
did and commit it to the main tree. Note that we're all very busy so
we may not react to your bugs, but that should not prevent you from
filing them. Bugzilla is also used for documenting work that needs to
be done and following up on it, so if the bugs sit there even if
nobody reacts it's already useful.

You will need to read the Gentoo Documentation Resources [6], and more
specifically the Gentoo Developer Handbook [7] and the Gentoo
Development Guide [8].

Another way to help, especially for non-technical projects, is to
contact people directly [9]. Be aware that they can be away though, so
be patient, try others on the same project, and finally get back to us
in case you fail to reach anybody. You may also want to look at what
mailing lists are of interest to you [10] and browse through the
archives [11] to learn what is going on.

Training new developers takes a lot of time and effort so we don't
recruit as much as we would like and need. Before you can enter the
recruiting process though, you'll need to show what you can do. We do
this for many reasons but mainly because it shows your commitment to
Gentoo (since training takes so much time we favor people who we know
will stay), it shows what your interests are (you'll need to find a
mentor with the same interests to start your training) and it tells us
how much and what kind of training you need.

So, start filing and more importantly fixing bugs, submit ebuilds, be
active on our irc channels and mailing lists, and at some point you'll
get noticed. When a developer notices you, (s)he may ask you to join
an arch testing team or offer to mentor you. When you think your work
is significant enough and you find out that nobody notices you when
they should be, feel free to contact us again and we'll try and
arrange the situation.

Have you tried to reach the Documentation[12] project? I'm cc'ing them
on this mail. I'm sending this to their mailing list (check [12] if you
want to subscribe it).

> I'm a 24 years old web developer / system administrator from Hungary, Budapest. I've been using Gentoo Linux for more than 4 years now and I decided to help if I can.
> I also have a relatively big server park (5+) with Gentoo Linux on it and I have a several development systems available at home / work.
> I already been in contact with a person from the Gentoo Team a few years ago (Patrick Lauer), because I had full gentoo mirror and been doing the hungarian gentoo hq (, but unfortunately Patrick and I had real life problems and had to stop everything.
> But now I'm back and contacting you guys, how can I help? :)

Are there any particular areas that interest you, besides documentation?
Have you tried to join any project's irc channels[13]? Sometimes the
best way to get a mentor is through direct contact with devs - be it
through bugzilla, mls or irc.
Are you still interested in providing an Hungarian mirror? Are you
involved or would like to be involved with infra work?

Do not hesitate to contact recruiters in the future in case you need
more information.

> Best regards,
> Daniel Nagy

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Jorge Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) - jmbsvicetto at gentoo dot org
Gentoo- forums / Userrel / Devrel / SPARC / KDE

PS - As I've stated, this is my second "recuiters" mail, so I would
appreciate any feedback you may have.

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