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updated path for arm ldso hardfp
if you're not using arm, or you're using softfp, then feel free to stop

i've backported the patches from upstream gcc/glibc to use the new ldso paths
for arm hardfp targets. atm, this is in glibc-2.15 and gcc-4.5.3 and
gcc-4.6.3. so if you have one of these systems where you're running softfp by
default, you might want to be careful when you update glibc as the ldso will
change and all your dynamically linked ELFs will probably go kablooie :).

if this happens to you, you can easily recover. launch the static rescue
then symlink the old path to the new one:
ln -s /lib/

this is to support the cross-distro standardization of armv7/hardfp work.