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[kde-sunset] Future of KDE 3
An interview with Timothy Pearson, the founder of Trinity project:
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100827 Serghei Amelian reported an interview with Timothy Pearson,
founder of Trinity project:

Thanks, it's very interesting & his efforts should help a lot of people.

FWIW I gave up on the KDE 4 desktop immediately & haven't returned:
my strong preference nowadays is Fluxbox, very simple & easy to configure.
On that, I run a number of KDE 4.4.5 apps, which have become quite usable.
I have the KDE 3.5 overlay for Kmahjongg Kworldclock Ksokoban :
as I've conquered all the levels in the last (some are very difficult!),
only the first 2 remain useful & if their vital features were added
to KDE 4 -- I've submitted bugs, so far without actual progress -- ,
I would use the KDE 4 versions too. Kmahjongg 4 lacks a display
of removed tiles, which spoils the otherwise delightful distraction;
Kworldclock's display of local times is sometimes very useful
& sb added to KDE 4 Marble, but so far they haven't done so.

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