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Gentoo KDE project meeting 4.6. 2009
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Hi lads,
for quite time we didn't have meeting so i am putting up one.
Attendance is mandatory.

#when: 4.6. 2009 20:00 CEST (do the math yourself you are capable :P)
#where: #gentoo-meetings @
1) KDE 4.4 stabilisation status
I know we suck. We need to designate person that will care to have it
stable and pester everyone to fix bugs. (you know that i dont care about
stable much :])

2) KDE 4.5 and Kdepim
We need to decide what to do here, we have 3 possible actions:
a) use kdepim from 4.4
b) use snapshots from trunk we package ourselves
c) finaly do the enterprisey branch release and keep to it forever :]

3) Devs in the team
I would like everyone to come and tell me what they plan to do for KDE
as project, because we have too much devs in the herd and most are
inactive (i like that kde is being recruit ground, but i need to be at
least somehow sure with how much people i can count in my evil plans).
Also i will have to retire few devs from team because they didn't do
anything for team in more than 6 months.

4) anything else i forgot :P


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Re: Gentoo KDE project meeting 4.6. 2009 [ In reply to ]
> 1) KDE 4.4 stabilisation status

1a) Which KDE version should go stable next?
At the day of the meeting, kde 4.4.3 is in tree for one month and kde 4.4.4
(if on schedule) released for 3 days.

1b) Does it make sense to have 4.4.4 in tree as ~arch before we stable e.g.
(I'd say no, because that way we'll never resolve all those bugs...)