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April KDE team meeting anouncement.
it is time for me to anounce the meeting for April.
This month topics are:
- unprefixing misc stuff
- moving plasmoids to the tree
- kde3 state
- moving printing to the tree
- upstream responses on packaging snapshots
- removing dead members
- pykde fixing
- handling kdeprefix for base... eselect?
- koffice status / what is needed
- moving meeting to another date (about 2 weeks before release of upstream so
we can talk about what is needed to be done for current release)
- stable live status (if the guys working on it shows up ;])

If you want something added just reply to this mail :]

The meeting will be held as usualy on #gentoo-kde at freenode.
Time for this meeting is: 3.4.2009 @ 19:00.

And usual reminder in the end. The meeting is mandatory for kde team members
so you should attend there so we can track what are you on and distribute
resources nicely. The HTs should be around too ;]