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Anouncement: Updated kde4 eclasses in the tree.
we gentoo kde devs and our herd testers would like to anounce that we have
prepared new kde4 eclasses which supports working with more kdes and has many
many features.
I will try to give you some info about usage and so on.
So first let take look under the hood (supported stuff):
* koffice2 (with these eclasses you can build reasonably split koffice stuff
* linguas support (you have to install only languages user want)
* live ebuilds support (we support by default usage of subversion ebuilds
directly so you inherit the same eclass)
* reworked dependency blocks (so your application will work with kde-4.1
kde-4.2 or with every version, it is your call :])
* only EAPI="2" (this you might not like but every ebuild inheriting our
eclasses needs to be eapi2, sorry guys it is much simpler and cleaner)
* syntax cleanup (we polished the eclass so it should be readable for most
people and it should be easy to spot and fix error).

So what changes for you developers wanting to write some stuff:
1) new variables (all must be before inherit of our nice eclass)

KDE_LINGUAS="cs sr@Latn uk" # for specifying linguas in the package (These
must be all specified! so if you have some .po .ts and others in your package
you should fix up!)

NEED_KDE="4.3" # this variable is used for specifying dependency on certain
kde version, you should not define this variable if you are not sure, we have
nice fallback.

KDE_MINIMAL="4.3" # aproximate minimal needed kde version for your package.
Can be used as DEPEND=">=kde-base/libkonq-${KDE_MINIMAL}[kdeprefix=]".

KDE_WANTED="4.2" # this is internal variable used for specifying deps search
order. If user has kdeprefix we start version search from this version so it
gets first if installed or pulled. (really usefull only for internal kde use).

2) as example ebuilds you can browse kde-testing [1] and kde-crazy [2]

3) we also open new ~6months long oportunity window for feature call and code
cleanups :P

Enjoy using the new eclass :]

PS: I really hope i didnt miss something important.
PPS: I really really hope that this time kmail will sent this as only text
mail not html one.