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{SOLVED] Re: restarting net.ppp0
on 06/07/2011 06:57 PM Randy Barlow wrote the following:
> On 06/07/11 11:49, Thanasis wrote:
>> On a system which serves a LAN as NAT gateway, when the ADSL (pppoe)
>> link dies or when I restart net.ppp0, a lot of services like named,
>> dhcpd, squid, samba, sshd, etc are also restarted, for which there is no
>> reason. This is very uncovenient because the LAN depends on the system's
>> services for name resolution etc.
>> Anyone else seeing this?
> If you are on baselayout 2, I'd bet you have rc_depend_strict="YES" in
> your /etc/rc.conf. If you change that to NO, you might see the behavior
> you are expecting.

That did it :)
Thanks !