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kde 4.2.1 bug in kscreensaver? SOLVED
Now that I have xorg-server worked out (and it's really stable too) I'm
upgrading to KDE4.2.1. I just tried to upgrade kdeartwork-kscreensaver
and I got this:

[ 18%] Building CXX object

Linking CXX executable keuphoria.kss

/usr/lib64/qt4/ undefined reference to
`QFontEngine::getGlyphPositions(QGlyphLayout const*, int, QTransform

Well that was easy enough. Turns out the problem was with Qt. It seems
when I updated to 4.5.0 qt-opengl did not get updated. I don't know if
that was my fault or if emerge missed it. I suspect it was an ID10T error.

Regardless, upgrading qt-opengl to 4.5.0 has fixed that error.

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Re: kde 4.2.1 bug in kscreensaver? SOLVED [ In reply to ]
"Mark Haney" <> posted, excerpted below, on Fri, 13 Mar 2009
18:31:57 -0400:

> I suspect it was an ID10T error.

Hmm... I'm used to seeing that referred to as a PEBCAK (alternatively
PEBKAC) issue. Interesting how the same idea in both problem and
description of it produced two rather different labels.

Regardless, glad it's fixed! =:^)

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