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----| Intro

The current #phrack "high council" is a bunch of retard American
newbies looking to "break" their way into the security industry.
If you went to DEFCON, you saw how GOBBLES, jimjones, and friends
kissed the asses of various @Stake, SecurityFocus, and other
industry sellouts over breakfast, lunch, and dinner, before their two-hour comedy routine. I'm SO POOR! Please feed me! OH NO I
didn't really mean any of it -- I'm just YOUNG, DUMB and full
of CUM. You OLD SKOOL guys understand where I'm coming from,

Not only are these kids total hypocrites (unless jimjones and silvio
actually backdoored their employer Qualys themselves), but they are
pathetic social climbers who have wasted their entire youth (or are
desperately trying to hold onto it) on IRC looking for friends.
WOWOWOWOWOW you guyz r k-k3wl, can I be a scary black(hat)
gangsta-frontin' teenager too??? Are you scared of me yet?

This is what happens when white kids grow up listening to Eminem.
What assclowns.

----| fuk/gayh1tler

David O'Neal <>
Brookline, PA
(412) 268-6104

Call him and let him know what you think of his "Project Mayhem",
the FBI already has! Call Netsec ( and ask why they
tolerate this kind of juvenile/illegal behavior from their employees
(sl0ppy, h4g1s defacement warriorz, etc.). u know ur box iz p0pped, so don't step, bi0tchez

----| arakiz

Stephen Ryan Hughes <>
Bowling Green, OH
(419) 353-5476, (419) 353-2065, (330) 336-3983

Call him and let him know what you think of his k-r4/> magazine
(~el8), which he publishes with his other el1t3 friends junz (aka
Philip Corely) and prym (aka Justin Foutts -- hasn't ISS fired your
sorry ass yet?)! Great job guyz!!!

----| mat

Matt Merhar
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 821-5603

Call or email his dad <> and let him know what
you think of his son hanging out with these retards on IRC instead
of going to computer camp -- a mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!

----| Other lesser scene-whores

There's a lot more to come on yu0/jimjones/zmagic (college kid in
Florida with a n1gg3r complex), drater/ron1n (the ISS reject), and
their band of merry pals (aka GOBBLES -- look at me, I'm one of
those brilliant teenage prodigies! I AM! LOOK AT ME! CAN I HAVE A
JOB?), so stay tuned to this stupid mailing list! Great job Len,
this list is SO useful to me as A WHITE KNIGHT INFOSEC GUARDIAN!!!

----| EOF



It has come to our attention that some of our information iz
woefully out of date. Please be sure to update ur files.

arakiz (Steven Ryan Hughes) phone numbers were out of date,
but his Ohio SSN should be quite valid -- 291-80-1060. That's
right, arakiz, you play with j3wf1r3, you get rux3d m0f0...

The #PHRACK HIGH COUNCIL lam3rz are NOT all stupid Americans,
although they bloody well act like it. Some of them are good
ole ozzies, if you kin believe it. silvio, vipah, cr, etc.
after all are regular Oz blokes who would never d0b in their
mates, right???

Or would they?

Could it be a Michigan sdr bloke named Chris? Or a sl0ppy
Christopher in Virginia? Or a Unix terrorist in Florida named
Steve? Or some other low-level folks walking interline between
black and white??? Or maybe some other anonymous paradox...

Could it just be an "nwonknu" turkey (not Turkish par, down boy)
looking for fame and fortune since YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF POSERS
ANYWAY??? DO YU0 PH34R M3 N0W?!!? ;PPppPPppPP

I may be a retard but I'm going out lyke u4ea did, swinging on
some saggy-titted bitch as they bust in while you fagz BLAH
BLAH on you gay love channelz. Don't forget to feed tha goatz
while u hackphreak, ethically, of course!


grid, hiding ur shite in ~/.dirs iz l33t t3kn1q l3mm3 t3ll u.
Fantasize about incestual Guatemalan pussy much???

Like Ma Bell, I got the i1l communication!



Real Name: Christopher "Ambient Empire" Abad
Aliases: TUPAC SHAKUR (h0h0h0, FAKE N3GR0)

His g4y website(s):

%%Creator: dot version 1.8.5 (Wed Aug 14 21:43:18 PDT 2002)
%%For: (aempirei) ambient empire
%%Pages: (atend)
%%BoundingBox: 35 35 588 757

(hint: you should have just left the PDF, u m0r0n)

Pure irony:
"Not all that glitters is whitehat"
"Do YOU know where YOUR whitehats are right now?" h0h0h0h0

Pretentious "i lyke 2 copy fr0m my 31337 math b00k" poseur
and now a$$-ki$$ing PHC steppin fetchit. "That's right boy, we
0wned ur sh1t, now ur on ur fukin knees sux0ring f@ wh1te d1ck,
singing glawy glawy halleluyah! i b33n saved! pra1se gayh1tler!"
(whose 25 not 16 - Brian McWilliams is a fukwit to show up on
IRC and believe whatever sh1t3 we b3 f33din him).

Just keep sucking jimjones/zmagic/the_uT and silvio's d1cks at
Qualys u Foundstone/eEye r3j3ct wh1teh4t. And put away ur fukin
thesaurus, it is useless when u got a fat d1ck in ur mouf.


*MISSION #8* - Fire jimjones, silvio, and aempirei from Qualys!#
*MISSION #8* - Fire jimjones, silvio, and aempirei from Qualys!#

Write Gerhard Eschelbeck <> and tell
him what you think of his employees backdooring their corporate
network and acting like c0qsucking retard's in public,1282,54400,00.html

GERHARD if you don't fire those lam3rz we will call for boycott
of your GPL-vi0lating Nessus-stolen crap-Linux backdoorware!!#

EVERYONE ask Brian McWilliams <> why are
employees of a CORPORATE SECURITY company pretending to be TRUE
BLAQHATZ? What customers have they backd00red with their product?
Who were the Qualys interns who worked in Paris over the summer
and hacked from their corporate network (hi Steve)?


*MISSION #9* - Post the f4gpr0n pic of aempirei whacking off at to all sekurity mailing
lists. tha h0rribl3 im4g3 0f h1z afr0-r1ng3d fl0ppy d1ck w1ll
1nf3ct u wh1t3h4t f4gz lyk3 th@ memetic whatever du0d...

Information anarchy is DEAD, DMCA RUX, SIG FUKIN HEIL!@#%


P.S. DEC exploits ruined ur car33r, eh Neill Clift? RIGHT-O

Get your free encrypted email at