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[NSE] Release of Nmap NSE Vulscan 2.0

A have just published Nmap NSE Vulscan 2.0 on the new project web site:

The following things have been changed:

* Added version identification support, which may improve the accuracy
of findings as long as the linked vulnerability databases provide
version information (supported by CVE, Exploit-DB, and scip VulDB).

* Squashed a parsing bug if the server response did contain a special
character. This caused the script to fail under some circumstances.
(Thanks to Roelof Temmingh and Andrew MacPherson of Paterva for reporting)

* Added the following vulnerability databases to the default repository:
Exploit-DB (thanks to @unex_root for the hint), ISS X-Force, OpenVAS/Nessus.

* Updated all vulnerability databases, which are regularly maintained on
the project web site. A dedicated update of single databases becomes easy.



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