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The Death Of TCP/IP [OT]
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Interesting article but I think he is wrong. Pallidium (I keep wanting
to spell it Playdium - you know the big arcades in the movie
theatres...) is starting to look more like an anti-piracy campaign than
it is security. The true test is going to be how Pallidium compliant
hardware will react to non-Pallidium operating systems.

In the article the guy talks about "TCP/MS" -- this will never work. MS
owns the home and corporate desktops, but there are way too many legacy
boxes on the Internet and way too many legacy applications that require
*NIX boxes to run. What does this mean? This means that TCP/IP can
never be replaced until these applications are replaced. This is
something that isn't going to happen for a very long time if at all.

Even if the whole TCP/MS thing came to be, what is going to stop people
from simply keeping their legacy TCP/IP networks and ignore MS boxes? I
highly doubt anyone on this mailing list depends on MSN or any MS
product to use the Internet (strangely enough I am typing this on an XP
box...arrrgh). MS is taking a huge step toward becoming completely
proprietary.....hasn't history taught them how successful proprietary
systems have been?

One interesting thing that no one seems to have mentioned - the Intel
CPU Serial # that caused an uproar a few years back. They exist,
disabled by default in the BIOS, but I am willing to bet that this will
be a key part in Palladium -- MS is going to need a way to identify each
computer -- so that means either MAC addresses (which have proven to
have duplicates and can be easily spoofed) or CPU ID # / Serial #.

Hello.....big brother.........

Of course this is mostly speculation but time will tell. I for one
cannot wait for more complete technical details.


Steve Manzuik
Founder & Technical Lead
Entrench Technologies

Moderator - VulnWatch

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