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The sound of pwning
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I am not talking about yawning and screaming "w00t" here. This is about

I had a lengthy talk with a very good musician the other day. We
discussed how hacking and music could be connected. After a while we
agreed that there definitely are several intersections between the two.

This is why I decided to give it a shot and create some music resembling
the process of hacking Linux and Windows on my cello. This is highly
impressionistic, so be aware if you don't like that kind of music.
All the others are welcome to listen and share their thoughts.
As a note: Both pieces were improvised and recorded in one run.

Blog Entry:

Download Area:

Hacking Windows:

Hacking Linux:

Comments and feedback are welcome. If you like the idea and would like
to record something yourself, feel free to send it to me. I'll publish
it on my site.

Many Greetings
Paul Sebastian Ziegler

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Re: The sound of pwning [ In reply to ]
On 7/18/07, Paul Sebastian Ziegler <> wrote:
> Hacking Windows:

Length: 14 seconds. Very boring, droning sounds. Similar, if not
pulled directly from a "heavy breathing" crank call

> Hacking Linux:

Length: 30 minutes. Energetic, like, "Flight of the Valkyries".
Features a sample of a beer opening midway through

Not included: Hacking Mac OS X -

Length: 1 second... it's the old "turn Mac on" sound which has a
resounding similarity to "pwned" in Buddhist Om style


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