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Ideas for file downloads?

I'm looking at Forrest to see if it can serve my task of disseminating technical information on our products (manuals, documents, software) to our (technical) customers. We will create sites to upload to the web, as well as copying to CD-ROMs. So far I can see ways of achieving most of what we want. Thanks and well done!

An unresolved problem is how to give our users access to files - perhaps hundreds of files in dozens of directories (in a tree structure).

Providing a link to a small numbers of files from within an XML/HTML page is OK, and we can place the whole directory structure on a CD-ROM (as well as the web) and tell our CD-ROM users where to browse to on their PC.

What I now need is some efficient method of getting web-based users to navigate and download individual files or whole directories. Any ideas?

One thought is to zip up files and directories, and give web-based users links to the zip files. Is there a way of getting Forrest to automate the zip process?

Similarly the directory view of files in your own source code -e.g. at: looks a good example of navigating with a web browser (even though CVS is not for me, and this doesn't look like it allows downloading of whole directories).

Any suggestions?