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New release Exim 4.92
Exim 4.92

About 10 months after the last regular release, we published Exim 4.92 today.
You can find it in the following locations:

All files are signed with my GPG key, the same key I use to sign this
mail. (You may need to refresh the key.) Attached to this mail you'll
find the sizes and checksums of the uploaded files.

Releases prior to 4.92 will not be supported any more. But we may help
package maintainers to backport important fixes for releases that are
still part of current distributions.

Please do not forget to read
to learn about changes, that might affect Exim's operation with an unchanged
configuration file. For new options, and new features, see the file.

New features include:
- ${l_header:<name>} expansion
- ${readsocket} now supports TLS
- "utf8_downconvert" option (if built with SUPPORT_I18N)
- "pipelining" log_selector
- JSON variants for ${extract } expansion
- "noutf8" debug option
- TCP Fast Open support on MacOS

I'd like to thank Jermy for his work, over the last months he did the
vast amount of coding and debugging.

Thank you for running Exim and for your valuable feedback.

Best regards from Dresden/Germany
Viele Grüße aus Dresden
Heiko Schlittermann
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