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New release candidate 4.92-RC2

a new release candidate has been released: 4.92-RC2

It contains the following fixes since RC1

fa287dc3 Re-create test/configure script
aaf3e414 Update Changelog for Bug 2351
569a8b23 Log failures to extract envelope addresses from message headers. Bug 2351
22d6c944 doc: gsasl: be clearer that server-side only
4e559e21 Fix build with content-scan enabled but all malware types disabled
fa792e2c Fix parsing of option type Kint (integer, stored in K). Bug 2348

Please download, build and test it.
Information about file sizes and check sums is attached to this mail.

This mail and the above mentioned tarballs are signed with my GPG key, which is the same as for RC1.

Best regards from Dresden/Germany
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Heiko Schlittermann
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