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Administrivia: Direct requests for help

Everyone here provides help on the mailing-lists on a volunteer basis.
That's part of how open source projects work. If you get value from the
code and give help back in return, everyone benefits. If the developers
give help here, that's nice of them; any developer who thinks the
documentation is could have helped better will often improve the
documentation as well as helping. It's all important, not just the code
and those who write patches.

Please do not send direct requests for help to developers unless you
have some other arrangement with them, or are willing to enter into a
business relationship to pay for support. If you need more help than
the community provides, then paid support is the way to go. Various
companies are quite successful at doing this for open source software
(Red Hat comes to mind) and there are usually some companies listed in
the Exim wiki as providing commercial support for Exim.

For anyone reaching out to me for direct 1:1 support, please be advised
of the following: I live in the USA, and while my hourly rates would not
make an American lawyer blush, they would sit up in respect at the rates
being commensurate with their own. I'm happy to bill, but do strongly
encourage folks to find other solutions first.