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[Bug 1228] New: testsuite fails for unexpected umask
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Summary: testsuite fails for unexpected umask
Product: Exim
Version: 4.77
Platform: x86-64
OS/Version: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: bug
Priority: medium
Component: Test harness

- filters test fails:
Lines 35-36 of "test-mainlog-munged" do not match line 35 of "log/0037".
1999-03-02 09:44:33 10HmbE-0005vi-00 == filter-pipe@test.ex R=userfilter defer
(-1): bad mode (0100664) for TESTSUITE/aux-var/0037.f-user: 020 bit(s)
1999-03-02 09:44:33 10HmbE-0005vi-00 ** filter-pipe@test.ex: retry timeout
1999-03-02 09:44:33 10HmbE-0005vi-00 ** |cat <filter-pipe@test.ex>
R=userfilter: delivery to pipe forbidden

Precede the test run with "umask 022" and all ia well.
The suite should force the umask itself.

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