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[Bug 1217] New: New lookup
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Summary: New lookup
Product: Exim
Version: N/A
Platform: Other
OS/Version: All
Status: NEW
Severity: wishlist
Priority: medium
Component: Lookups

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--> (
Add new lookup type for Redis


Attached is a patch which provides lookups via Redis of the noSQL family. With
this patch you can extract and set values in Redis. I am currently using the
store for storing various information on connecting hosts and then use that
information for actions to take on connections from these hosts. It has been
working in my environment without any hiccups for the last week but wider use
will be beneficial.

It does make use of the C client library, called hiredis.

Note: The patch currently does not support authentication but I have started it
using the same format (/'s) as the other db lookups.

For those that don't know Redis, it is an advanced key->value store (more at

I am open to suggestions and fixes. If there is interest in this patch then I
can provide documentation.


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