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[Bug 1137] New: BATV and Greylisting
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Summary: BATV and Greylisting
Product: Exim
Version: N/A
Platform: All
OS/Version: All
Status: NEW
Severity: wishlist
Priority: medium
Component: ACLs

1) As a result of greylisting(see below), prvs sender addresses are a bit of a
pain to deal with. Would it be possible to include a feature whereby within
in ACL the 'real' sender-address with the prvs/batv tag could be extracted into
a new
variable (or if not tag present the actual sender-address placed in that
variable)? (or some similar mechanism?). We know of 2 common prvs schemes:
prvs=nnnnnn=user@domain and

2) We currently use greylisting where an unknown sender is only accepted upon
the 2nd or subsequent attempt, providing that attemept is not made witin a
couple of minutes of the first (which is rejected with an MX deferral message).
It seems
that your bug mail system is attempting twice in immediate succession and then
giving up! Surely the point of a deferral message is that the sender should
wait a
reasonable time, on the basis that the receiving system is currently unable to
accept the message ??? I am not sure what our own exim system does in this
situation as I am unable to find a receiver to test it on!

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