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Advance Notice: Dates of the Next Exim Course
The next Exim course that we will be running at Robinson College,
Cambridge, UK will be from Tuesday 24 July to Friday 27 July 2007
(lunchtime-to-lunchtime). The web page at

is not yet fully updated for costs, etc, but the details of the course
itself are correct - it will be similar to last year. You can register
interest by emailing the course organizers, and they will notify you
when it is possible to book a place on the course. We hope to be taking
bookings in a few weeks' time.


This will be my last course, because I am due to retire from my job at
the end of September. If you want to hear my words of wisdom, put these
course dates in your diary now. :-)

[.Apologies to those of you who get multiple copies of this message. I'm
sending it to all three mailing lists, to try to get it to as many Exim
users as possible.]


Philip Hazel, University of Cambridge Computing Service.

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