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RE: [Ethereal-dev] [PATCH] -G option & doc/dfilter... change to i nclude hfinfo->blurb
(I'm continuing this thread here in ethereal-doc to discuss the
aspects of the -G option postprocessing and the ways to setup the
environment to test it).

I'm slightly confused about dfilter2sgml. It seems that this script
is never called by either Makefile (ethereal or ethereal-doc); also there
to be an obsolete (non-purged) version eproto2sgml in ethereal-doc.
Also, the question of what to do about the 2 copies of dfilter2sgml

So, for testing of my changes to dfilter2sgml I just did a manual
ethereal -G | ./dfilter2sgml sgml.doc.template >
in the ethereal-doc tree, and then performed a make.

Some changes were needed - both for the -G accomodation,
and also for some newer entries' apostrophy symbols in the protocol name
(DOCSIS stuff).

Here is a tested patch against ethereal-doc/dfilter2sgml [attached]; would
like a patch on filter-fileds.sgml (built from the cvs ethereal version -G


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> From: Khachaturov Vassilii
> Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 10:28 AM
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> Subject: RE: [Ethereal-dev] [PATCH] -G option &
> doc/dfilter... change to include hfinfo->blurb
> (Please forgive the newbie babble - this is my first ethereal
> patch attempt).
> While trying to get ethereal-doc set up locally, I realized
> there is a clone
> of dfilter2sgml there which is not in sync with
> doc/dfilter2sgml in the ethereal cvs
> module.
> Is this intentional? Should I submit a patch against
> ethereal-doc's dfilter2sgml?
> Maybe a link should be made in the server CVS repository from
> /ethereal/doc/dfilter2sgml
> to /ethereal-doc/dfilter2sgml?
> Should I send that patch here or to the ethereal-doc list?
> (But keep in mind that the patch has to be applied along with
> the epan/proto.c
> patch in order to make sense.)
> And, can someone please tell me if the patch is welcome/what
> is missing before
> it can be checked in?