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"no, my dear, you had better go on horseback, because it seems likely to rain; and then you must<BR>charming views of the valley, the opposite hills, with the long range of woods overspreading many,<BR>"i am afraid, mr. darcy," observed miss bingley in a half whisper, "that this adventure has<BR>"some acquaintance or other, my dear, i suppose; i am sure i do not know."<BR>"i have found out," said he, "by a singular accident, that there is now in the room a near relation<BR>"you are quite right. to have his errors made public might ruin him for ever. he is now, perhaps,<BR>"i am," said he, with a firm voice.<BR>"gracechurch street, sept. 6.<BR>"you may depend upon it, madam," said miss bingley, with cold civility, "that miss bennet will<BR>been travelling, and they talked of matlock and dove dale with great perseverance. yet time and her<BR>did she endeavour to prevent such a proof of complaisance, but in vain; mary would not understand<BR>adieu, wishing her every enjoyment, r
eminding her of what she was to expect in lady catherine de<BR>"i did not know before that you ever walked this way."<BR>attach to the implicitness of his confidence in his friend. how grievous then was the thought that, of a<BR>an angel of light. he was declared to be in debt to every tradesman in the place, and his intrigues, all<BR>could never be; my uncle and aunt would have been lost to me; i should not have been allowed to<BR>been calculated to please in general; and with more quickness of observation and less pliancy of<BR>been self-imposed.<BR>"compared with some families, i believe we were; but such of us as wished to learn never<BR>"well," cried her mother, "it is all very right; who should do it but her own uncle? if he had not<BR>"no, not at all."<BR>"she will drop the acquaintance entirely."<BR>
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