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cvs commit: ethereal/epan bitswap.c bitswap.h Makefile.nmake plugins.c plugins.h
guy 2000/11/15 03:37:53 CST

Modified files:
epan Makefile.nmake plugins.c
Added files:
epan bitswap.c bitswap.h
Move the table of bit-swapped byte values to "epan/bitswap.c", and
declare it, and define a "BIT_SWAP" macro that uses it, in

Use that macro to bit-swap bytes in the IEEE 802.11 dissector, rather
than the macro that was used (said macro used GCCisms and didn't compile
on Windows).

Make an "init_plugin()" routine to enable a plugin and call its init
routine, and call it from "check_plugin_status()" and
"plugins_enable_cb()", rather than having very similar code in two
places; "patable" is now part of libethereal, and, at least on Windows,
attempts to refer to it from "libui" failed. Make "patable" static to
"epan/plugins.c". (This may still not work, as now "libui" is calling a
routine in "libethereal"; if that fails, perhaps it's time to get rid of
the "enable/disable plugins" stuff completely, as new-style plugins, at
least, register themselves as protocols and should be controllable from
the "Edit->Protocols" window just as built-in dissectors are.)

Revision Changes Path
1.13 +3 -1 ethereal/epan/
1.5 +2 -1 ethereal/epan/Makefile.nmake
1.10 +33 -15 ethereal/epan/plugins.c
1.3 +2 -1 ethereal/epan/plugins.h