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Ethereal 0.8.17 Win32 Binaries
The Win32 binaries for Ethereal 0.8.17 are now available at:

The new installation executable contains the Ethereal programs and
the GTK+ DLLs.

There are no longer separate "capture" and "non-capture" versions
of the binaries, as Ethereal can now detect the presence of WinPcap 2.1
at run-time, and can thus act in either mode --- capture or non-capture.

If you don't wish to capture packets, the above executable is all
that you need to install. In order to capture packets, you need
WinPcap 2.1, available at:

If you already have WinPcap 2.0 installed, you need to un-install the old
version before installing WinPcap 2.1.