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Ethereal 0.8.16
Ethereal 0.8.16 has been released.

It can be had from:

The patches for the source code are at:

New dissectors include SUA Light, HCLNFSD, Rquota. Many other
dissectors were updated and bug-fixed. The wiretap library can
now read Etherpeek files, and write NetMon 2.x files. Capture
filters and display filters are kept in separate dialogues/files
to help minimize confusion. A new "Decode As" feature allows some
run-time configuration of which dissectors are called for a particular
packet. You can now click on a byte in the hex dump and the
appropriate field in the protocol tree will be selected. The display
filter code was re-written, and some syntax changed (esp. for
boolean variables).

The full ChangeLog can be viewed at:

Ethereal Home Page: