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Antwort: Re: replication link stability
You may wish to have a look at the timeout values in the DRBD.conf. They
probably are on the low side for your network thus causing DRBD think you
have connection outages where in fact it just has latency.
ping-timeout, connect-int, timeout
are the the variables to look at. Default Values are optimised for wired
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Piotr Kandziora <>
Gesendet von:
16.02.2012 17:01

Digimer <>
Re: [DRBD-user] replication link stability


Thanks for your answer. DRBD Proxy could be a solution, but it is not
possible for today.

I am thinking of trying DRBD with protocol A, but currently I am not able
to test on my environment as it is in production. I will have maintenance
window on the weekend. Do you think it can help? If yes, may you suggest
values for tcp send buffer?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Piotr Kandziora

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:43 PM, Digimer <> wrote:
Hi Piotr,

Samba (and similar protocols) are generally pretty forgiving of
network issues, so it's not a surprise that they work where DRBD does
not. DRBD is designed for high speed/low latency environments, and has a
fair bit of attention paid to fault detection and recovery. If it sees a
network fault, even a short one, it has to assume the link has failed
and recovery is needed. This does not lend itself well to use on
slow/error prone networks.

Is it possible to use a wired connection for the DRBD replication? If
not, I would suggest looking at DRBD Proxy instead, as it is designed to
run over slow/unstable links, but it is asynchronous, so be advised that
consistency is not always guaranteed.
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