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Configure DRDB afterwards?

is it possible afterwards to have an logical volume to be mirrored to a second
machine by DRDB?

Our backups are stored on disk and I'm thinking about to have a second machine
to have this mirrored. But I have no change to copy 30 TB somewhere and
restore it after I had configured DRDB.


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Re: Configure DRDB afterwards? [ In reply to ]
Am 09.12.2011 13:24, schrieb Florian Haas:
> Of course. All you need to do is make room for the DRBD metadata.
> If the replicated data set is 30 TB, then the required space for DRBD
> metadata is about 960MB. So if you can extend your LV by that amount,
> you can do so, configure DRBD to use internal metadata, and then add
> your second box and synchronize.

Thanks for that information. I'll have a look on it next week.

> Btw, please: DR_BD_; it's not a database. :)

Ups. :-)

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