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Turning off the master cause the slave to freeze ..
Previously on another channel :

>One more time I disturb you for DRBD...
>I done the following test several times and got this :
>- power off primary (rude)
>- on the fly change the secondary to become primary.
>Then the computer "halt" or more exactly hang, freeze

>Do you know which drsetup command to tape to fix it ?
Be this I meaned to avoid the freeze as it seems to be due to a timeout in
the communication protocol.
As I am using the sync option on my partition will the A protocol avoid that

> Please, could you give us/me a few more details.
> E.g. Kernel versions, DRBD versions.

This is a redhat 6.2 with the 2.2.14-12 kernel, I am using drbd 0.5.5

> Was just the IO system blocked (and still response to mouse & keyboard),
or was it completely frozen?

It was a complete freeze ... I don't have the magic keys enable in the
kernel so I can't tell you more

> What protocol was used?
Protocol B

> Any messages in syslog?
accept failed -512
ack timeout detected (normal the other side is down)
accept failed -512

At reboot :
set_blocksize : b_count 1, dev drbd(43,0), block 851968!

>Was there a FS mounted on top of DRBD?

> PS: There is a new mailinglist, you are welcome to send any comments
regarding DRBD to that list.

I noticed too that after I was enable to reconnect my two nodes .. I was
able to have two slave
1 slave 1 master but in this case the slave was not connected
(a WFconnection on the master and unconnected on the slave - from memory)

I had to mkfs.ext2 the underlying partition on the slave, reboot both to be
able to use mkfs on my /dev/nb0 again ..

I am installing a production mail server tommorrow using drbd to replicate
on a auxiliary server with some piece of
script to takeover and swap service. Any information before I do the switch