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Re: BUG report ???
Am Mit, 17 Mai 2000 schriebst Du:
>One more time I disturb you for DRBD...
>I done the following test several times and got this :
>- power off primary (rude)
>- on the fly change the secondary to become primary.
>Then the computer "halt" or more exactly hang, freeze
>Do you know which drsetup command to tape to fix it ?

Please, could you give us/me a few more details.

E.g. Kernel versions, DRBD versions.

Was just the IO system blocked (and still response
to mouse & keyboard), or was it completely frozen?

What protocol was used?

Any messages in syslog?

Was there a FS mounted on top of DRBD?

PS: There is a new mailinglist, you are welcome to send any
comments regarding DRBD to that list.


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