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bio_clone() critical kernel data corruption bug
cc to drbd-announce
because of the possible severity of the problem.

/ 2005-08-05 14:19:28 +0200
\ Bernd Schubert:
> Hello,
> I just saw on the raid-list a rather critical bug that might be interesting
> for drbd as well:
> There's also a bug fix from Andrew Morton:

thank you for the heads up.

according to
the bug was introduced in 2.6.11-rc2,
says it affects
>=2.6.11-rc2, >=2.6.10-ac10, >2.6.10-hardened-r3, 2.6.12-gentoo-

so anyone running something in that range should apply the patch asap!

don't let the version number of you rdistribution kernel trick you into
believing you are not affected: e.g. I just verified that the SuSE SLES9
kernel (which pretends it was 2.6.5) has a fix for this problem since 24
May 2005 (so it _was_ affected!).

so better go double check!

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