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Once again we hope that this release will be the latest and greatest for
more than one week. The fixes for DRBD on LVM/MD made this release

0.7.2 (api:75/proto:74)
*) Propper handling of backing storage devices that occasionally fail
READA (=read ahead) requests. (E.g. LVM and MD)
*) DRBD now fails READA requests itself, if a resynchronisation is running
and it would need to fetch the block from its peer.
*) "drbdadm adjust" had a race, which caused random errors. ( Missing
waitpid() ). Fixed now.
*) Popper substract SyncPause times from the syncer performance numbers.
*) Fix to the syncer progress bar in /proc/drbd.
*) Fix to debian build rules.

In case everything works for you with a 0.7.0 or 0.7.1 installation
you might consider to stay with that release. Although that race condition
in drbdadm is a stong argument to upgrade even for those, who do not
use LVM or MD.

In case you are upgarding from an 0.7.0 to this release please read
for more details.

If you are upgrading from an 0.6.x release please have a look at

You can find the .tgz at LINBIT's area

: Dipl-Ing Philipp Reisner Tel +43-1-8178292-50 :
: LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH Fax +43-1-8178292-82 :
: Schönbrunnerstr 244, 1120 Vienna, Austria :
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