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linstor-proxmox-3.0.4 (+APIVER 2)
Dear Proxmox users,

Today I released v3.0.4. This should fix a bug[1] where volumes have no
longer been visible in the GUI. All users with a recent LINSTOR client
should update.

There is now a RC on github master (not in 3.0.4), that finally
updates/implements the functions for Proxmox APIVER 2 [2].

Please help testing the current master. Just overwrite
/usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/Custom/ and
systemctl restart pvedaemon

Next steps:
- Switch from using the LINSTOR-client to using LINSTOR's REST-API
- See if it works (does not look like it?) for PVE6.

Regards, rck

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