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DRBD Management Console 0.3.0

This is the next DRBD-MC beta release 0.3.0. In this release support for
Openais + Pacemaker was improved, not that you must use it right away or
even worse, change all your working Heartbeat systems to Openais.

Anyway you can now choose if you want Heartbeat or Openais cluster
communication stack, download, install and configure either one of them. The
Openais + Pacemaker installation usually contains the whole Heartbeat, this
is OK, but you may start only one of them at a time.

The packages provided for Openais + Pacemaker work for some distributions
but for some they do not, so you may have to bug the package "developers",
if you want to make it work.

Here is the complete changelog:

* much faster response to CIB events was implemented
* OCF scripts from all providers are now detected and can be used (still no
clone and master slave support)
* indicating of used disk space in the graphical overviews was implemented
* removed or added block devices appear and disappear in the GUI on the fly
* fedora 10 and 11 bugs were fixed
* bugs when adding a DRBD device were fixed
* Openais installation options for all supported distributions were added
* Openais configuration wizard was added
* code was cleaned up, various bugs and visual problems were fixed

Rasto Levrinc

: Dipl-Ing Rastislav Levrinc
: DRBD/HA support and consulting
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