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Here it is: The final drbd-8.3.2 release!

* optional compression of the bitmap exchange
* new OCF resource agent [Considered as BETA for now.]
* fencing callback, working on top of CRM-constraints

BTW, the updated users guide will be released on on Monday.

Full changelog:

8.3.2 (api:86/proto:86-90)
* Fixed the "Not a digest" issue for hash functions already ported to shash
* Fixed a race condition between device configuration and de-configuration
* Fixed: The sync-after logic modified flags of an unconfigured
device. This caused very weird symptoms later. (Bugz 214)
* Fixed a possible imbalance of the 'pe' counter during online verify
* Fixed activity-log reading; could have been (partially) ignored,
leading to incomplete resync after primary crash.
* Fixed a deadlock when using automatic split brain recovery
* Fixed a possible kernel crash in DRBD on highmem kernels. Was triggered by
reading in the bitmap on one device, and writing data to an other, disconnected
devices at the same time.
* Fix for potential segfaults in drbdadm's sh-status & status commands
* Correctly clean up resync status if a detach interrupts a resync (Bugz 223)
* Reasonable error reporting if 'drbdadm invalidate' fails because resync already runs
* New module parameter: disable_sendpage. Workaround for a Xen on DRBD issue
* Allow detach while being SyncTarget (Bugz 221)
* Optional RLE compression of the bitmap exchange ('use-rle' keyword)
* Rewrite of the LRU code
* Allow to skip initial resync: 'drbdadm -- --clear-bitmap new-current-uuid'
* Upon request of Dolphin NICS: The 'sci' keyword is now called 'ssocks'
* Allow more than two host ('on' keyword) sections, new drbdadm option '--peer'
* New, alternate keyword 'floating' for host sections, for matching by ip-address
* An OCF resource agent for pacemaker [Marked as BETA for this release]
* A fence peer handler using pacemaker constraints
* /etc/init.d/drbd stop now works completely independent of the config file
* arbitrary custom device names (prefix drbd_ required)
* Code cleanups for Linux mainline submission (no functional change)
* Using Linux's own tracing framework instead of our own
* Compatibility with Linux 2.6.30 and 2.6.31-rc1;a=tag;h=drbd-8.3.2

: Dipl-Ing Philipp Reisner
: LINBIT | Your Way to High Availability
: Tel: +43-1-8178292-50, Fax: +43-1-8178292-82

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