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This is Release Candidate 1 of DRBD-8.0 . It survived a lot of testing
in various testing environments and pre production installations.

8.0rc1 (api:86/proto:85)
* The drbd-peer-outdater got updated to work in multi node heartbeat
clusters. (But we still not suceeded to get this into Heartbeat's
repository accepted.)
* Fixed resync decission after a crash in a pri-pri cluster.
* Implemented the ping-timeout option for "sub-second" failover clusters.
* Implemented all the "violently" options in the reconnect handling.
* Updated man pages of drbd.conf and drbdsetup.
* Removed the "self-claiming" on secondary nodes.
* Fixed an uncountable number of bugs.

Happy Xmas and happy early adopting.

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: LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH Fax +43-1-8178292-82 :
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