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LDAP Authentication with Samba 4 Active Directories

Has anyone managed to setup successfully user authentication via Samba 4

I have followed some threads I found with google, but unfortunately
without success.

If I leave bind_dn and bind_pw empty, dbmail-imapd starts, but the no
user can get authenticated. Also dbmail-users -l returns an empty list
(users have all the indicated fields in the LDAP record, like mail, etc).

If instead I provide a dn and password to bind to the LDAP server,
dbmail-imapd always fails with the following:

dbmail/imap4d[21704]: Error:[auth] auth_ldap_bind(+151): ldap_bind_s
failed: Strong(er) authentication required
dbmail/imap4d[21704]: Error:[server] server_run(+777): could not connect
to authentication

Thank you in advance,


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