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Problem with NUL in message body, violates RFC2822
Hey there; I've come across a situation wherein I have imapfilter attempting to store a message on my dbmail system that apparently contains a NUL character in the middle of a MIME block.. According to my logs it looks like this throws dbmail for a loop, making the IMAP conversation simply stop in its tracks. The connection ultimately times out and closes. This is the second time I've encountered this in the past month or so. The first time I just figured out which message it was fiddling with and nuked it which let the entire process go all the way through. I'm not really sure what the *source* of the RFC2822-violating message is, but it came from a mailing list and seems to be a valid message. The trail is as follows: (INTERNET MAILING LIST)-> (my internet connection) -> Exim -> MS Exchange -> imapfilter -> dbmail .

I think the problem is within dm_imapsession.c where "max = strlen(s)" occurs in imap4_tokenizer_main --- I think the NUL character completely ruins these calls (happens twice in that func.) I've tried adding some log messages on the value of "max" and my theory is the invalid NUL char causes "max" to return too short which makes the loop sit and wait for more input when there isn't any?

Any ideas? I have to admit it's pretty weird, but I think the NUL is coming in from the mailing list and isn't causing the email message to be rejected at any point along the way. I could be completely wrong about this though as I don't currently have a copy of the message @ our Exim system.



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