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upgrading from dbmail 3.0.2 -> 3.1.17
hello there,

i just thought to drop a few lines about my recent dbmail upgrade from
3.0.2 to 3.1.17

3.0.2 was running on a opensuse 12.3 box with mysq community server 5.5.33
the dbmail-lmtp sometimes just died because of a wrongly formatted email
(switched to dbmail-deliver)
and the dbmail-imapd sometimes also got stuck and consumed 100% CPU
the mysql database overhead was quite large with 1.8 GB viewed via
phpmyadmin and only 1.1 GB used in the mailboxes
an database overhead of approx. 60%

with the move to a new server running an opensuse leap 42.1 box
also switching to mariadb 10.0.22 and dbmail 3.1.17
things improved a lot!

importing the database, running the database migration script
optimize the database via mysqlcheck -o
and running the dbmail-util -ay
improved the database quite massively !

now i got around 1 GB used in the mailboxes and phpmyadmin reports about
1.2 GB
so an overhead of approx. 20% ... yeah ;)

so far dbmail-lmtp didn't get stuck on any wrongly formatted email
and also dbmail-imapd is running smooth so far, not getting stuck at
100% CPU usage

i'm happy ;) I'm impressed ;)

and want to thank you guys for such a nice piece of software, which i've
been using successfully since version 1.x.x
for more than 10 years or so ...

thanks, greetings & all the best

p.s. would you recommend an update to 3.2.3? is it stable for production?

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