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Debug POP3D (was: RE: dbmail-util 3.1.17 not cleaning deleted emails)
> >>> Don't like allot of symlinks...
> >>
> >> that's no technical qualified reason
> >
> > For me, links are garbage :)
> sounds like a windows user :-)

Yes... use both :P

But returning to the main subject, dbmail-util question solved.
I need some help debuging POP3D, it's crashing in high load hours.
It receives SIGPIPE and SIGKILL, the SIGKILL may be when it crashes, but I
get no stack trace on gdb.
For SIGPIPE I just I set: handle SIGPIPE nostop

But I'm confused for SIGKILL.
I'd like to catch the reason/where why it's crashing on high load.

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